Saturday, May 1, 2010

MPS NSD Challenge #3

This one is a 12 x 12 layout.  On the side I used regular Aluminum Foil and ran it through my bug.  I also used my Superman Cartridge.  I normally wouldn't put flowers in there but I did.


Crop Divas Destination said...

Great use of the aluminum. I have never used that on my layouts. I am happy that your were inspired by my sketch. I have some cool stuff going on on my blog for NSD so feel free to stop by. I am just wondering...why is he your man of steel?
- Rowena

Crop Divas Destination said...

I love the font of your blog. What is it? It looks like Century Gothic.

Kate said...

Thank you. It's actually my husband and he is such a Superman taking care of us. The font is Arial. thank you again.