Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newly Redesigned Blog

Hi My Crafty Friends!  Have you guys noticed.? I have redesigned my blog with the help of my friend  Tenny.  Thank goodness she is so great at HTML or else I wouldn't know how to fix it the way I want it.  It is still a working progress so let me know what you think!  Once everything is finished I will be doing a giveaway for reaching 200+ follower and celebrating my newly redesigned blog.


Amy said...

Adorable Kate! I love your new banner- so cute! :)Amy

Crafting Katie said...

It looks GREAT, Kate! Love the colors!!!

jen said...

Kate what a great job!! Love the colors too. How did you teach yourself how to do this? I need to take a class so I can change mine up :)

C Stephens said...

Great re-design Kate. I love the bright colors!

Ive_Boricua_Girl said...

My friend... love it.. glad you pick the strips.. it looks great .. bring the purple and pink out.. love it..

Thanks for resizing my logo..